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Interview #3

Caitlin Wylie

List of Caitlin Wylie's publications on fossil preparation:

  • Wylie, Caitlin, 2009. ​Preparation in Action: Paleontological Skill and the Role of the Fossil Preparator. In: Methods In Fossil Preparation: Proceedings of the First Annual Fossil Preparation and Collections Symposium, p. 3-12. 

  • Wylie, Caitlin, 2015. "The artist's piece is already in the Stone": Constructing creativity in paleontology laboratories. Social Studies of Science. 45:1, p. 31-55.

  • Wylie, Caitlin, 2018. Trust in Technicians in Paleontology Laboratories. Science, Technology, & Human Values. 43:2, p. 324-348. 

  • Wylie, Caitlin, 2019. Overcoming the underdetermination of specimens. Biology & Philosophy, 34:24.

  • Wylie, Caitlin, 2019. The plurality of assumptions about fossils and time. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, 41:21.

  • Wylie, Caitlin, 2020. Glass-boxing science: Laboratory work on display in museums. Science, Technology, and Human Values, 45:4, p. 618-635.

  • Wylie, Caitlin, 2021. Preparing Dinosaurs. The Work behind the Scenes. The MIT Press. 

To learn more about Caitlin Wylie's research, visit her faculty website here.

About paleontologist Paul C. Sereno, visit his University of Chicago website here

For more on Pamela Smith's research about the role of artisans in the Scientific Revolution:

  • Smith, Pamela, 2004. The Body of the Artisan. Art and Experience in the Scientific Revolution. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

  • Smith, Pamela, 2008. Artisanal Knowledge and the Representation of Nature in Sixteenth-Century Germany. Studies in the History of Art. 69, p. 14-31.

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